Rototech Services

Roto Climber Mk 1 Cleaning and inspection Head showing two StoneAge Barracuda nozzles and a Cygnus Wall Thickness UT Probe

Roto Climber®

Roto Climber – the new intelligent way to manage maintenance problems on pipes in the splash zone area.

Pipeline Repair

Roto Crawler®

Roto Crawler – the new intelligent way to Inspect and Repair pipes robotically on the seabed.

Wind Climber

Wind Climber®

Wind Climber – the new intelligent way to Clean Inspect and Repair Offshore Wind Towers.

Why RotoTech

We got the tools

RotoTech has conceived and built three models of robotically driven cleaning and inspection devices for vertical Risers, conductors caisson’s, piles and pipelines. The Mk 2 is the most versatile tool available today for cleaning, inspection and repair of pipes, piles, caissons, conductors and risers.

RotoTech is always looking at safety and HSE, both of which are at the forefront of our thinking.

This is in addition to having very experienced personnel and great design engineers with innovative thinking.

Whether it is robotically inspecting structures either above or below water, pipes on the seabed or Offshore Wind Towers RotoTech is the company of choice.

Certified Experience

When it comes to Offshore experience (both above or below the water) RotoTech has in-house experience and also excellent contacts with some of the industry’s leading figures and institutions.

With extensive knowledge of ROV’s, Diving and Tooling as well as hands on experience, we truly know what is required in our field.

Great Support

Wherever you are operating, what matters most, is the support you get from your supplier or partner.

RotoTech are very experienced in project planning, operation and support. Our worldwide network enables us to get parts and personnel to you wherever you are at any time.

Competitive Pricing

RotoTech will always ensure that the prices that you get from us, will be both competitive, as well as incorporating ideas that will reduce the price of your project.

We can offer less traditional ways of achieving an objective and as such better prices and often better productivity. Sometimes, a new method can mean a faster project completion AND a lower price.

ROTOTECH Clients & Partners

Pipeline Repair Specialists Pte Ltd and their newly formed Robotics Company RotoTech Pte Ltd, are working with Maucher Jenkins, a leading firm of patent, trade mark and design attorneys, to protect their intellectual property. They have successfully registered their first patent and there are a number of other pending applications.

With their expertise in IP and their global footprint, Maucher Jenkins is the ideal partner for PRS/ RotoTech.