Pipeline Repair Specialists (PRS) became active in the market in 2012.

Our personnel have been involved in the Offshore Industry since 1973 in all aspects of the marine and Oil and Gas Industries from Salvage, to Diving, from ROV’s to Robotics.

They also have years of practical experience in the Construction market both onshore and offshore.

Due to this involvement in so many aspects of the industry, we have gained great insight into practical difficulties that can be encountered. This enables us to plan, design and execute projects in a manner that avoids the pitfalls and experiences that less experienced companies can fall into.

We have extensive management skills, broad experience, excellent contacts and innovative thinking.

We have operators and technicians with vast practical experience in our industries.

The management has started two very successful companies: one in the field of Onshore and Offshore Piling, and the other in the Oil and Gas Pipeline Repair and Piling Market.

RotoTech is the third company focusing on specialist robotic, niche equipment, design, manufacture and operation to enable our clients to reduce HSE Risk, perform contracts with a Greener Footprint and a lesser cost.

The Roto Climber® is a good example of this.

Cleaning, CVI and Inspection Module for 8” to 22” pipe diameters:

Dimension (W x L x H): 1,200 x 1,200 x 1,360 mm
Weight in Air: 182 kg.

Cleaning, CVI and Inspection Module for 22” to 36” pipe diameters:

Dimension (W x L x H): 1,900 x 1,900 x 1,560 mm
Weight in Air: 348 kg.