PRS launches and tests the Roto Climber Mk 2

Our Designs

RotoTech’s robotic assets are small in footprint, modular and rugged in design, light in weight easy to install and require few operators.

The Roto Climber® avoids the need for divers and vessels in the Oil and Gas environment. This means that Roto Climber® can be up to 5 times cheaper than existing methods of performing inspection and repair works, as well as reducing the number of personnel offshore and the necessity for them to operate in the splash zone area.

This makes the Roto Climber® a major improvement both in terms of the fact that with less personnel and equipment we are “Greener” to the environment as well as a huge improvement in HSE compared to the traditional methods used.

The Roto Crawler® will be the first Robotic asset, to be able to both perform high end “Phased Array” inspection of pipelines and be able to repair the pipeline by means of a controllable wrapping system, to restore its strength, without the use of an habitat type environment.

The Wind Climber® will be the first robotic climbing platform to be able to perform “Phased Array” inspections of Offshore Wind Towers, be able to perform complicated repairs and have the ability to apply coatings back to the towers to extend environmental protection to them going forward.

Patent Number:  GB2578876      International Patent Pending: