The Controls of the Roto Climber Mk 2 and its Modules

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

In RotoTech we aim to make things as simple as possible so that repairs and maintenance to our systems are easy.

We aim to make our equipment as rugged as possible, this is because the environment we are operating in is extreme and we do not want to waste productive time on repairing the equipment.

We aim to make our equipment as compact and light weight as possible for ease of shipping and ease of installation in the limited space below the spider deck.

We review each part of the equipment and installation, using our own “Hands On” experience to design systems that will work best, to carry out the required tasks.

Our equipment must be a significant improvement on existing technology, our methods must have HSE in the forefront of our thinking and environmental protection is a necessity. In addition to those concerns we must make significant cost savings to the end user.