Who We Are

RotoTech specialises in the field of Robotic Cleaning, Inspection and Repair.

This is used in the inspection repair and maintenance of Fossil Fuel assets and Renewable Industry Wind Turbine Tower, cleaning, inspection and repair services.

We reduce the need for personnel to travel to potentially hazardous areas.

We minimise the need for the personnel that are required, to be exposed to danger.

RotoTech Pte. Ltd. was started in January 2021 as the research and development and commercialisation company for the Roto Climber®, Roto Crawler® and Wind Climber®.

RotoTech will hold all the Patents, I.P. and Equipment that Pipeline Repair Specialists Pte. Ltd. developed.

RotoTech is the company that potential investors can acquire equity in.

RotoTech personnel have many years of experience in their industries. Innovation and Health and Safety are dominant in both our corporate planning and actions.