design premise


Design Premise for the Roto Climber®

The Roto Climber® was designed as a tool for tomorrows’ world. A world where fossil fuels still have a place, and will do for some years to come. However renewable energy sources, are ever more becoming the power of the future. Whilst this is known and appreciated, there is still a need to protect the aging oil and gas structures in our seas.

The Offshore existing aging oil fields require evermore care and attention to ensure that oil spills and accidents do not occur. With the price of oil now low, Offshore asset owners, although denying it, do not spend the money on maintenance and inspection that the old assets require. Many countries are not in a position to spend money on renewable energy sources and they still need the oil and gas reserves that are in their waters. Maintenance and repair are becoming ever more important to prevent ecological disasters from happening.

Therefore a cheaper safer and better system is required for the fossil fuel industry.

The Roto Climber® was developed therefore with the vision that risers, conductors and caissons need inspection for corrosion and for cracks that can effect the integrity of the pipe. If such defects are found they need to be quantified and then repaired so that these defects do not have any ongoing consequences for the oil or gas production from that field and the chance of an oil spill or similar ecological disaster is avoided.

To this end the Roto Climber, Roto Crawler and Wind Climber models have been Patented for both the Offshore oil and gas market and the Renewable Sector Wind Market.