Roto Crawler : Introduction


This is the family unit for use on pipelines down to 150 meters water depth.

The Roto Crawler®, like the Roto Climber®, is a modular system. It consists of a traction module connected to other modules such as:

  • Inspection module for UT/PAUT/TOFD ultrasonic inspection of the pipe line to show cracks, weld defects and corrosion be it “Top of Line”, “Bottom of Line” or in other locations.
  • Cleaning and coating removal Module.
  • Pipe wrapping Module
  • A Weight coat removal Module can also be offered.

The Roto Crawler®, will use very similar Modules to the Roto Climber® but with the addition of extra wheels, to support the modules in the horizontal plane.

Current sizes available: 8”-22” and 22”-36”