Roto Climber Mk 1 Trolly showing general arrangement of trolley and cleaning head

Why RotoTech

Why RotoTech?

RotoTech has conceived and built two models of Robotically driven cleaning and inspection devices for vertical Risers, conductors and caissons.  The Roto Climber® Mk 2 is the most versatile tool available today.

RotoTech has conceived and is building a Roto Crawler® for the inspection and repair of pipelines on the seabed. This will use the same modules as the Roto Climber® thus making an integrated solution.

RotoTech has conceived and patented a Wind Climber® for use on the ever growing number of Offshore Wind Turbine Towers that are being built.

RotoTech have personnel with years of real practical offshore experience and great design engineers.

RotoTech has excellent contacts with some of the industries leading figures, engineers, Chemists and contractors.

RotoTech recognises that without the total support of the whole company, the personnel using the equipment can encounter unexpected problems. RotoTech support is therefore available 24 hours a day every day.

RotoTech knows well that our customers want the best but also the most attractively priced solution on the market. RotoTech is therefore the solution of choice.

Whether it is Robotically inspecting structures either above or below water, or Wind Towers in the renewable industry RotoTech is the company of choice.